Singapore Math:


A Maths Dictionary for Kids -
A math dictionary defining common math terms and concepts. Includes practice with activities and animations.

A+ Math -
Helps students improve their math skills interactively.

AAA Math -
Hundreds of online interactive arithmetic lessons, problems, and games for grades K-8.

All Elementary Mathematics -
An online mathematical high school. Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, functions and graphs, analysis. Theory and solving problems. Versions of examination tests. -
Features free flashcards, online games, biographies of mathematicians, and an Ask-the-Experts service.

Brain Teasers -
Offers new math puzzles each week. Designed for students in grades 3-7.

BrainPOP Math -
Animated characters delve into the worlds of numbers and operations, measurements, geometry, algebra, and data analysis.

Common Formulas -
Has information about common formulas in mathematics. Such as circumference, area and volume.

Connected Math Program -. Connected Math Program Page supported by Michigan State University

Convertalot -
A collection of free Java-based measurements converters, calculators, unit translators, and games. -
Includes tools such as a measurement conversion calculator, lots of calculators, time zone clocks, and exchange rate converters.

Coolmath4kids -
Math games, problems, calculators, puzzles, and fun and for all levels.

Count On -
Many elementary Math games supported by the University of York

Cut-The-Knot -
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles

Decimals -
Has information, graphics and quizzes to help students review basic decimal concepts.

Dictionary of Number Words -
A Dictionary of English Language Words, Phrases, Prefixes, Suffixes and Symbols that Describe Numbers.

Evesham Township School District Website -

Fact Monster - Math -
Learn about numbers, measurement, money, tables and formulas. Includes conversion calculator, games and quizzes.

Figure This! Math Challenges for Families -
Assortment of mathematical challenges based on real life situations. Includes hints, answers, and explanations.

Fraction Addition and Subtraction -
Helps students work through the six most common stumbling blocks to working with fractions. Also explains how to find the least common denominator, how to identify equivalent fractions, and how to reduce and rename fractions.

Fraction Tutorial -
Practice with equivalence, reducing, improper and mixed, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction of fractions. Flash required.

Fractions -
Has information, graphics and quizzes to help students review basic fraction concepts.

Free Math Drills -
Web-based addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fraction, and decimal practice.

Free Math Games For Kids -
Has online math games for middle school kids.

Free Mathematics How-to Library -
Offers help with algebra, geometry, calculus, fractions, functions, gradient, money and trigonometry problems. Includes worked examples and download files.

FunBrain -
Educational games for kids of all ages

Homework Help at Math Goodies -
Math lessons with a problem-solving approach. Includes a homework help message board for help with specific problems.

Illuminations -
This page contains activities and resources that are appropriate for all levels of students.

Interactive Mathematics -
Online exercises through which children can explore and examine math concepts while at home. (3-5)

International Education Software -
The material presented in the following pages are for middle school students, high school students, college students, and all who are interested in mathematics. You will find interactive programs that you can manipulate and a lot of animation that helps you to grasp the meaning of mathematical ideas. (middle)

JavaScript Math Toolkit -
An extensive list of middle school java activities.

K-8 Math Lessons -
Contains a large series of math lessons for grades K-8. Each lesson opens with a short explanation of the concept, provides a series of interactive exercises, and then ends with a related review game. (all)

Kids Maths -
Contains several different games to learn mathematics. (All)

Kidsource -
In-depth & timely education & healthcare information that will make a difference in the lives of parents & children. Contains articles and math activities. (5-13)

King's Math Page -
This site is a collection of online math activities indexed by topic. (all)

Math by OZ -
Teacher-created program uses QuickTime movies to solve problems involving whole numbers, decimals, fractions, percents, measurements, geometry and equations. Includes word problem hints and contact information. (all)

Math Cats -
Games, crafts, art, and story problems featuring cats, to inspire children and teens to enjoy and explore mathematical concepts. (all)

Math Flash -
Free downloadable flash card game for children aimed at improving their mathematics skills with lessons aimed at various age groups. (all)

Math Forum -
Ask Dr. Math questions, or try your hand at the weekly puzzlers.

Math Forum: Elementary Problem of the Week -
A weekly interactive project for elementary school mathematics. Challenging problems are posted and solutions appear on the Web.

Math Goodies -
Features interactive math lessons, homework help, worksheets, puzzles, message boards, and newsletters.

Math in Daily Life -
Virtual exhibit looks at the ways people use math every day, from cooking to planning for retirement. (middle

Math League Help Topics -
A reference guide for math topics for grades 4-8, complete withexamples, definitions, and explanations. (middle)

Math Pop Quiz -
Interactive math puzzles let students test their addition, subtraction, multiplication, geometry, division, and algebra skills. middle

Math Toys -
Online math toys. Live simulations to play with reality. Middle

Math Worksheets -
Features printable worksheets for students to practice with middle school concepts. -
Offers free math lessons and homework help, with an emphasis on geometry, algebra, statistics, and calculus. Middle -
Reference Tables for Math topics

Mathematics History -
Traces the development of math throughout the ages. Also includes biographies of famous mathematicians.

Mathematics Magazine for Grades 1-12 -
Monthly publication offering math help, list of competitions, and links.

Math-Kitecture -
Be a master architect. Draft a floor plan using software as you learn math, or try other fun "activities." Designed for middle school students.

Mathletics -
Shows how math plays a part in several popular sports.

Maths Is Fun -
Includes games, puzzles, and offline activities. (eleme

Maths on the Web -
Collection of puzzles for all ages and abilities.

Mathsforkids -
This site has been created to have fun and to practice math. Includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, geometry. (all

Mega-Mathematics -
Resources for students collected at Los Alamos National Lab. middle

Middle School Math -
Large resource for students of middle schools. Includes algebra, calculus, graphing, and data analysis by subject and standard.

Mike's Math Club -
Includes puzzles and games to test knowledge of basic skills.

National Council of Teacher of Mathmetics -
NCTM is a public voice of mathematics education, providing vision, leadership, and professional development to support teachers in ensuring mathematics learning of the highest quality for all students.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive
Utah State University site for virtual manipulatives related to the NCTM standards.

New Jersey Department of Education -

Ole Miss Problems of the Week -
Weekly contest for elementary, middle school, algebra, and geometry students. Includes an archive of past problems.

Online Math Applications -
Explains the role of math in investing, music, history, science, and travel. Includes stock simulation game. middle

Pearson Prentice Hall -
Connected Mathematics Project (CMP) provides students with an investigative approach to learning math. This complete mathematics curriculum for grades 6-8 helps students to utilize interactive problems and motivating everyday situations to learn math concepts.

Plot the Robot -
Activity site involving multiplication and calculator work. The answers are coordinates which can be joined in sequence to generate simple pictures. middle

Powers of Ten -
Produced by Charles and Ray Eames, the video "Powers of Ten" has been converted into web images. Explores over 42 powers of ten in a series of images, beginning with a photo of someone lying on the grass. Shows the scale of the universe and atoms. middle

Primary Games -
A collection of interactive math games with supporting worksheets.

Quia -
A quiz website where people submit activities. These activities have been created by Quia's subscribers and are of varying quality.

Ribbit's Math Ventures -
Math problems that tell a story. Clues are provided to help with solving. all

S.O.S. Math -
Contains tutorials covering algebra, trigonometry, calculus, differential equations, matrices, and complex variables. Reviews the most important results, techniques and formulas.
Presented in worksheet format and require active participation. Includes practice quizzes and forum board. middle

Scientific Unit Conversion Programs and the SI System -
Convert and calculate scientific & engineering unit measurements. Convert units of acceleration, angle, area, density, electricity, energy, flow, force, fuel consumption, heat, distance, light, magnetism, mass etc. middle

Shodor Education Foundation -
These activities listed below are designed for either group or individual exploration into concepts from middle school mathematics. The activities are Java applets and as such require a java-capable browser.

Tables and Graphs -
Has information, graphics and quizzes to help students review tables and graphs concepts. 4th-6th

Teach R Kids Math -
Large collection of online activities and interactive worksheets allow kids to practice basic math skills. elem

Teaching Time -
Interactive clock, online games, and printable worksheets help kids learn to tell time.

TEAMS Distance Learning -
Los Angeles County Office of Education offers mathematics resources.

The Abacus: The Art of Calculating with Beads -
Introduces the abacus, relates its history, and shows how to perform basic mathematical operations on it. Also answers questions about the ancient tool and shows how to build one with Legos. 4-6

The Mathsfile Game Show -
Hosted by the ancient mathematicians, Hypatia and Pythagoras, 11-14 years old students can have fun working through a variety of games and print offs.

The Number Gym -
Fun activities for 5-11+ year olds to improve their mental arithmetic skills and knowledge of fractions and place value.

Thinkquest -
ThinkQuest is an international website-building competition, sponsored by the Oracle Education Foundation. Teams of students and teachers are challenged to build websites on educational topics.

Toon University Math Games -
Math games for counting, subtraction, multiplication, place value, and comparing number values. 1st-3rd

United States Department of Education -

What Good is Math? -
Explains how kids can use math skills in real life. (all)

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