Homework is a very important part of education. It is primarily designed to help reinforce and give practice for skills being encountered in class. In general terms, homework will be assigned frequently, however because of the nature of the problems, there will only be a few problems.

On average it should take about 15 to 20 minutes for each subject. I am very careful to give enough work that the average student should be spending this amount of time. If you (if you are a student) or your child (if you are a parent) spend/s less time than this, you probably have a very good understanding of the concepts and did not need to refresh your memory. Consider yourself fortunate. If however, you are spending much more time on homework than this guide, make sure you let me know. There may be something I can do to help.

Generally homework will be assigned to your google classroom. However, you should always copy the homework down from the board into your agenda. Technology glitches happen and are usually not an excuse to not have homework completed.

Sometimes you may have the assignment correct, but just have forgotten what or how to do something. Please use your homework buddy. Call him/her, ask for help. If this doesn't help, try emailing me with the word "homework" in the subject line. If I can help that day/night, then I will.

Remember you have access to the online text book and worksheets as well. I gave the usernames and passwords the first day of school.

You can also try some of the links that I provide on these pages. If these ideas don't help, then you can still get full credit if you write down a thoughtful question which will focus on why you can't do the homework. For example, you might write, "What does it mean to put it on the x-coordinate".

Good luck and have a wonderful day. I'll see some of you now, some of you later, and some of you after that!


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