7th Grade Math Supplies

Please know that we do not require that these supplies be purchased prior to the start of the year. We do ask that students are fully prepared each day by the beginning of the second week of school. At this time, preparation becomes part of students’ grade.

For Math this year (17-18), 7th Grade red House students should have:

A copybook/notebook (Some of you will go through two or three of these)

NOTE: Based on our previous experience, many students benefit from a color-coded organizational system. For example Math might be blue notebook while other subjects would be different colors.

-Lots of new pencils. I like a new, crisply sharpened Dixon Ticonderoga (Item # 1388-2/HB soft), yellow, hexagonal shape with a full eraser. However, you may get whatever you like. I'm not un-reasonable!

- Calculator

-Red pens. My preference is ... Aw never mind, just get some.

-A 6 inch ruler

-Markers, crayons, colored pencils or something to make drawings look nice and colorful.

- Pencil case/bag for pens, pencils, colored pencils, ruler

- Internet access (home, library)

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